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"Investing your savings should not be largely based on not losing money, I mean can you really afford to stay in the Market? Your best bet is to get control and stay with a consistently growing double digit Annualized cash on cash Return with Commercial Real Estate (I mean Recession Proof assets - RPAs)".


Are you currently justifying your investment in the stock market as what goes down must eventually come back up? Or did you just cut your losses and exited the market with major losses? It just doesn't feel right does it? It also doesn't seem fair nor does it make sense? This is because there is just no control over your investment in the stock market. There is no control over the stock market unlike Commercial Real Estate or Recession Proof real Assets (RPAs), for example apartment buildings (I am not talking about the residential market like single family homes!). You can control your investment destiny with an apartment building selected in an area with good job and population growth, good management (if management is bad you can control it by firing it!!!) You can control market fluctuations impact on you by increasing/decreasing rents accordingly and decrease your expenses to increase your bottom line. Control is not having your investments evaporate over night as a result of one giant financial market downturn. Control is choosing to have massive tax deductions through interest and depreciation on income property. Control is choosing to maximize your income by earning forced appreciation on your investment and the bank's dollars through Leverage. Have you been an astute investor or are you ready to be one now? An apartment building with good management, in the right expanding market cycle, in a job and population growth area, will consistently yield in excess of 20% annualized cash on cash over a 5 year expansion period. You can expect the first year cash on cash to be the best available and growing for each subsequent year, the cash on cash to increase, and after the disposal or refinance period at the end of the 5th year, voilà!!, you will have yielded yourself an annualized cash on cash return in the high double digits.

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