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With over 20 years of strategic emerging market niche identification & analysis, stakeholder partnership building and the high stakes adept negotiations that brings demand and supply into synergy and harmony, Arise has and continues to provide refineries and their ancillary markets Oil & Gas products to meet their consumption demands and acquisition guidelines. Arise is at the forefront of the key dynamics that accelerate the supplier of Oil and Gas/Petroleum products consummating business relationships with their target end buyers because our negotiations establish the win, win symbiosis of  balanced contractual agreements and the implementation process.

Arise Development supplies and facilitates the following products on spot and contract basis at the most expedient prices in tandem with dependable worldwide delivery.

  1. Nigerian Light Crude Oil
  2. Low Pour Fuel Oils (LPFO)
  3. Automotive Gas oil (AGO), D2 and D6 fuel oils
  4. Petroleum Motor Spirits (PMS), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)

Our Low Pour Fuel Oil Business

Arise having deep rooted network within the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Petroleum Pipeline Marketing Company (PPMC) and the LPFO secondary market; we are at the forefront of securing, marketing and distributing LPFO with special emphasis in the export grade LPFO.

Why are we at the fore-front?

A)    Our strategies utilize the knowledge that Nigeria’s produced LPFO grade is highly desired and sought out by our select group worldwide (our target network of customers)

B)    Nigeria with a population of over 160 million, a population growth of 2.7% per annum, an economic growth rate of over 5.7% over the last few years, a daily LPFO consumption of 20 million liters per day in Nigeria and even significantly greater worldwide, ensures there is a growing and sustainable LPFO market for Nigeria.

C)     Knowing the largest uses of LPFO are in industrial boilers, textile and cement manufacturers, Arise has been able to target its consumer market with pinpoint accuracy.

Why we are succeeding

Arise operates with particular attention to detail and readily has in its wealth of expertise the solutions to the myriad of barriers and problems that surge in the LPFO market:

1)      Whether it is the quagmire of disingenuous offers, attempts at surreptitiously capitalizing on our market leverage and or attempts at pilfering our allocations, or profit stripping, we have all the backstopping responses that prevail.

2)      Whether we are facing unscrupulous attempts at wasting our time by brokers pretending to be buyers, we strategically troubleshoot our way through the process very well.

3)      Whether we are at the negotiation table where a win, win needs to be established by identifying and amalgamating the deal breaker issues into mutually acceptable procedures for successful transactions, we are always highly responsive and dependable.

4)      Our business plans are developed and constantly updated from in depth analysis and study of the market cycles, ensuring our exit strategies are plenteous and flexible in their mobilizations.


What we end up achieving

  • Successful LPFO allocations for distribution to our repeat network customers
  • Enjoying a 30-50% transaction return on investments (ROIs) with our partners, still with win, wins for the sellers and buyers in the deal.

 Our adept LPFO Marketing and Management Services include:

  •  Turnkey trading in LPFO allocation paper for export and long term supply of LPFO to local and international industries
  • Allocation preparation and generation
  • Brokering LPFO long term contracts with end sellers and end buyers
  • Effective project development, marketing and management of LPFO transactions.
 Our Oil Commodities trading business

Arise Development specializes in trading in Nigerian Light Crude oil and various petroleum products to end buyers largely outside Nigeria. The Nigerian crude oil includes Bonny Light Crude Oil, Forcados Light, Qua Ibo, Escravos blend, Brass River, Forcados, and Pennington Anfan. Nigerian Bonny Light Crude oil is particularly a desired and highly sought out crude oil by refineries world-wide. To this end, Arise has established a large network of Nigerian Light crude oil allotees and fiduciary agents that are authorized to sell Nigerian crude oils to international buyers. Discounts are offered to such buyers under the Off-OPEC secondary market.


With over 20 authorized sellers with allocations and associated Authority To Sell (ATS) in Arise’s network for CIF, TTT, TTO and FOB transactions, we carefully conduct the pre-contracting and preliminary due diligence and Contract Procedure matching of sellers and buyers that ultimately brings a ready willing and able (RWA) seller to the table with an RWA buyer.

Our typical standard procedures to fast track and facilitate consuming a crude oil sale transaction are as follows:

  • Buyer and Seller Procedure review and matching
  • Seller and Buyer preliminary due diligence to include investigation of seller allocations and ATS, Seller/Buyer business profiles, performance track records, financial statements and capabilities
  • Facilitations/negotiations with Buyer/seller agents
  • Introductions of Buyers and sellers and co-ordinations of Table Talk Meetings (TTMs)
  • Introduction of mutually beneficial solutions to differences in Procedures and conflicts during Buyer & Seller discussions/negotiations
  • Follow through and amendments of restructured sales and Purchase Agreements( SPA)
  • Implementation contract management after contract execution to include, timeline management of submittals, monitoring of vessel Port clearances, pre-loading, loading and Notice of Readiness (NOR) establishment, Timely Instrument submittals  and troubleshooting extemporaneous issues.


Success Factors

Arise brings a plethora of negotiation strategies and is particularly expert at innovatively meeting conflict issues and Procedural differences when the latter are close enough to establish mutually beneficial options. Arise recognizes the mundane issues that deter the success of a transaction and often maneuvers the process to eliminate miscommunication from numerous agents, assuage mistrust and fears of both sellers and buyers by providing each side with available information that keeps the process moving forward and systematically satisfying the checklist requirements by both seller and buyer. We understand and operate on the premise that sellers and buyers have their procedural limitations as a result we carefully match the right seller with the right buyer procedures at commencement. We work hard to uncover through preliminary due diligence and in contract due diligence to allow the seller and buyers the comfort level to focus on their key project executions with ease for a successful product delivery and the follow up contract supply that provides the profitable advantage so desired by both parties.

In short?

Arise Development has the complete skillset, experience, innovation, attention to detail and proactive contract management that result in high and successful contract completions and continuity. In short, Arise as the Buyer/Seller contract mandate is a team leader/member that cannot be done without. For quality and dependable service much more than you pay for, Arise Development is the best choice of choices.


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