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Arise Music is executed by its record label "Arise" that represents, manages and promotes Gospel Artists in the R & B, Hip Hop and Afro Pop genres. Arise believes that Music in all it's forms is a powerful avenue for communication and expression. It is an industry with a major voice that has and will always impact the community. Large opportunities exist in this market for investors to make a great difference and enjoy strong return on investment as music is a powerful gateway to the heart of  the people. Gospel songs will talk about the "Good News" and communicate the necessity for exhibiting an Agape love which is brotherly and unconditional from one person to another and from the creator to man and vice versa. It will generally communicate unity amongst all and that love is the bond that fosters such unity. Ultimately, love and unity is the idea of a God that created everything and deserves praise and honor.  

The nature of a creator is greatness in itself. If the things the creator creates do what the creator has created them to do, then greatness of the created things will be bonded in history. Arise is focused in raising up musical talents as major voices to inspire, bring hope, add value and mentor others into great achievements. We also offer investor partners opportunities to earn, diversify their portfolio into a market that thrives whether other things are in or out of season: The joy through music is not limited by the environment. We are giving back to the community in a positive and a quantifiable way. Connect with Arise Music, be a partner and find a unique fit with your goals and ours by clicking on our music profile link below

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Ejen artwork from promocd   Music by Ejen

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1. Alagbara lo ni show (God is in control) ..... $0.99 

2. Ololufe (My dearest) ......$0.99

3. BLOW New Remixed (Believers Living in Overflowing Wisdom)........$0.99

4. Imela (Thank You)...................$0.99

Music by  Hephzibah

Watch music video "Press Don't Stress" by Hephzibah at

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1. Planned Great ..........$0.99

2. Press Don't Stress .......$0.99

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