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Welcome to our site, the premiere on Property Development and Investments. With us you will get the added value of  reliable information on investing in real estate development and other secured, diversified assets and markets. If you are a land owner or investor interested in how to invest money secured through the development of your site or someone looking for property development education and or partners we are confident that our site will provide you all that you desire. Enjoy a  rich experience from our site with secured investments. We are always committed to adding value.

Arise Development is a Master Real Estate Development, Investment & real estate syndication services organization specializing in converting Commercial Real Estate to its Highest & Best Use for maximum profitable advantage. We invest in Commercial Real Estate in Emerging Markets with significant upside created by us and we provide a significant equity position to our project partners through group ownership. To this end, our projects are sized to generate strong annualized returns on secure high yield investments for our partners and list of private investors.   



"Always Raise the Use, Value and Aesthetics and let ARISE, the Highest Investment & Equity Heights for all".

Investment and Development Approach:

Utilizing our Innovative, real estate market analysis and Upside Generation Acquisition Criteria, Arise is able to obtain for its partners:

a) Commercial Real Estate within Property Investment Emerging markets that provide instant equity upon acquisition
b) Benefits from high appreciation in an expanding market cycle
c) Generation of significant equity through Repositioning and or Development of the Asset.
d) Simply, the initiation of the formula for return on investment at its highest level.

Our role as Developers and Asset Managers often provide the key to a well executed and exited project. Whether implementing our own projects or consulting for Clients, Arise utilizes the following services as intrinsic necessities for project completion through exits:

1. Site Selection & Real Estate Market Analysis
2. Highest & Best Use Determination
3. Proforma Development
4. Feasibility Determination
5. Finance packaging
6. Property Acquisition
7. Development/Co- Developer Services
8. Asset Management/Property/Project Management
9. Exit Strategy Reformulation & Implementation
10. Real Estate Syndication Services
11. Ongoing market analysis template building and monitoring

Our Target


Arise is adept at finding, analyzing and structuring commercial real estate investment projects into the next pragmatic "Best Use" Investment phase & repositioning them for the ensuing highly profitable exit cycle.

Arise is expert at selecting sites in property investment emerging markets and quickly developing them through the improvement phases that accelerate value. Site improvements can occur from converting Agricultural land to Annexation, Entitlements, Horizontal & Vertical developments for Multifamily and Commercial uses. Problem properties with low vacancy and poor management can be quickly restored to their highest value by reducing vacancy, installing good management with our Asset Management oversight. The result will inevitably be consistently exceeding the much desired investor's 10% return on investment.

Establishing a win, win strategy, How?

a. We purchase the seller's property by offering innovative strategic terms that earns the seller full market value or more for the selling property.

b. We joint venture with you and utilize our real estate syndication services to help you the land owner earn in some cases double, triple or quadruple your land equity value through improving the land and placing it into the best holding and exit cycles in order to reap maximum profits for joint venture/syndication partners upon the sale or refinance of the property.

c. For our clients' hands on projects, we consult with our clients by helping them finance and guide the progress of their development projects.

d. We establish smart investing by utilizing low to zero down real estate investing, creative real estate investing & development strategies often resulting in extremely secure high yield investments, sometimes with infinitesimal returns on our projects. Our strategies are time tested, winning sometimes unconventional formula that not only protect against conventional losses but create possibilities out of impossible situations.

e. We outright enable just that so "critical" help with investing and property development by providing: "Low cost project FINANCING (investor property financing and property secured financing via facilitating commercial real estate loans) - 85%, 90% & 100% loan to value/loan to cost financing programs  are readily available upon request.

f) As a developer and Syndicator of development and investment projects, if direct investment in real estate development is your preference or IRA investing with High Growth IRAs and or Cashflow Notes investment is your preference, we have the secured process to partner with us. Arise Music is our philanthropic way of investing and giving back to communities and we urge you to diversify your investments at the same time being phylantropic with us as we  inspire minds and lives through music and empowerment music mentors on life purpose and greatness.

What we offer our partners is unique and complete view the comprehensive list of Services we offer. We are making every effort to provide ample and quality content for you. For easier navigating through our site review the menu table above or go to our Sitemap. Are there any keywords you are searching for on our site, get them at our Search page.


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